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boosting earth / christ consciousness

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Joined: 25 Feb 2006
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 03, 2006 10:41 pm    Post subject: boosting earth / christ consciousness Reply with quote

Tonight, we used a new technique to connect to the Christ consciousness, which Lilly was able to connect to in the last chat when she went out of body. We spent a little time in the beginning connecting to this energy, as well as to the carrot frequency, and also to the whooping cranes. As we were connecting to the Christ energy, Lilly suggested tapping on our heart chakras with fingertips. This does seem to stimulate the heart energy somehow. We all quieted down and drew in this energy. Donna suggested that connecting to this energy might enable or enhance DNA activation.

We do a fair deal of experimentation in our chats, and by doing this, we learn a lot. We would encourage others to do the same when boosting. Luckily, there is a lot of “literature” online to give you a primer on how to boost, but once you get that heart energy flowing, you can do anything with it. You have to be creative, and ask your higher self what needs to be done. You send the energy, and the Universe does the rest. Our chats are always light, and humorous, and we just sort of see where our boosting and our intuition take us, and we have fun.

We really were feeling a great buzzing feeling or “thrumming” as Polly describes it. We decided to send the love energy out to the earth. We spent five minutes on this, and Lilly got that the solar plexus chakra of the earth had a pretty severe blockage. She felt that there were five points in the earth linked to the solar plexus that needed attention. We boosted further for the solar plexus and were able to at least partially clear it. If you are reading this, please send some love to the earth’s third chakra. It still needs some work. We will work with it further on Thursday. Constantin mentioned that he saw all six of us holding hands above the earth and boosting downward. I often get this image as well when we boost the earth, or large groups of people, or whole nations.

Alicia mentioned feeling like we were “spinning like tops”. This often indicates an oncoming OBE (out of body experience). You can fight it, or you can let go, and have it, it’s your choice – or at least, that’s been my experience with OBEs.

One thing that I wanted to spend a little time on was the little Gray that we saw in Cheney’s head. We boosted him for a few minutes, and Constantin said he didn’t feel that this little guy was too bad. Lilly couldn’t stop laughing because of how funny he looks. We call him “little Dick”. We spent a few more minutes on him, then soon after that, our session came to a pretty abrupt end – the whole php database crashed, and we couldn’t reconnect to the chat. Lilly and Donna did a quick boost, and the site was back up in short order.

It was remarked that we were getting a lot of help from different etheric entties tonight, which may explain why we didn’t experience too much interference, until we were just about finished.
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Woman Warrior

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 06, 2006 8:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

June, 29 - Christ consciousness “soul message”

Mike mentioned the connection with Christ consciousness. I will write what happened that night when I had that amazing OBE (out of body experience).

We tried to close the wormhole (portal) to a parallel world we found in a previous session so aliens will stop having control and ownership over people.
We connected with orgone, cloudbusters, American Indians, carrot frequency, etc. Donna was sending CW energy, seeing stars, orgone energy while Polly threw creosote smoke into the portal. The portal was slowly closing but I could still see ships coming in and out of that portal. Then I saw a veil of energy closing the portal, I had a feeling its not happening now, it will happen in the future but don’t know when. Many ancient spirits were working with us on closing the portal. There were American Indians, birds, a huge canyon and got the words “volcanic rock”. I was getting that a volcano eruption will close the portal. After I said that I started to feel very warm, a little dizzy, and a strong feeling of some force trying to pull me. I had these feelings before in the previous boosting sessions, but I didn’t let myself be “pulled”.
An OBE was going to happen.

I had OBE’s before while meditating in deep states of relaxation. I am experimenting with orgone chakra balancers and almost every time I use them in my deep relaxations I end up flying having these wonderful OBE’s.
The OBE’s I had were wonderful and helped me find peace within myself. They were not induced they just happened. They are safe, very healing and help me grow spiritually.

This particular OBE I was having in the boosting session was very interesting because it happened while I was talking and boosting with our group and not in a very deep relaxing state.
I was trying to fight it because I was embarrassed to do it while boosting with others. I didn’t fight it because I was scared, I just thought it was not a good time - while boosting. But I couldn’t resist, the feeling was so amazing. Anyway, I said a protection prayer and off I went, while the others kept boosting me.

This is what happened. First my body started to spin. Then I found myself on a spinning poll without feeling my body. After that I saw an enormous violet surrounding which I was in. The next thing I saw myself flying really fast between amazingly beautiful clouds. The beauty of the clouds and freedom feeling made me cry of happiness. I merged with the clouds. At the end of this “journey” I stopped and saw a very beautiful and bright luminous energy and in the middle of this energy was a masculine figure. Christ came into my mind. Lilly was just floating in the air crying of happiness looking at that bright luminous energy, thinking “I don’t want to go back right now, I want to stay more! ”. My whole essence merged with that powerful vibration which I knew was Christ consciousness. I became one with the Consciousness.
It was way too beautiful, cannot be described in words.

I remembered the others in the boosting chat, so I pulled myself back into the body. Mike was “calling” me back, so probably I picked up his message because I didn’t stay to talk to that “bright presence”. However my soul got the message, I am sure. That reminds me of Kelly Laozu working (healing) on me when we started to talk another strange language which we both didn’t understand at this earthy level, but we could communicate at soul level.

When I came back into my body I told the others what I’ve experienced and they all mentioned that was Christ consciousness I met.

I am not religious or new ager, never was. I consider myself very spiritual instead, having a very straight, deep connection with the true and beautiful God, the divine presence in the universe, the source of the Perfect Love, beauty and joy, and do not believe in Jesus the savior myths” which bad boys use and hickjack in order to control masses. But I do believe in Christ consciousness, frequency and I think this OBE was a strong message for myself and perhaps others to awaken this energy in me/others and connect with it whenever necessary. In fact that was the third time when I felt/saw Christ's vibration. First time I had a dream when I saw “his” eyes. Second time an energy healer was working on me when I saw Christ “presence“. The third time was the most amazing and beautiful experience I have ever had.

Polly had an interesting point to make: since she was little she felt humans were supposed to bring in the christ energy and ground it (on earth), and that’s part of a divine plan. She felt it on and off her whole life.

We boosted the dolphins and sonar afterwards, but I have to say I was very spacey, and the boosting felt very easy. It felt like no effort was needed anymore once we are connected with this wonderful energy. I think we are moving forward and we have another tool to work with and I must say that’s the most amazing tool I have ever experienced: Christ consciousness.

-- IF you can keep your head
when all about you are losing theirs
And blaming it on you... -- R. Kippling

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Joined: 08 Jul 2006
Posts: 26
Location: Cyprus

PostPosted: Sun Jul 09, 2006 12:48 am    Post subject: Sonar Banned Reply with quote

US Navy in sonar ban over whales

4 July 06

Source: BBC NEWS

A federal judge in California has ordered the US Navy to temporarily stop using sonar equipment because it might harm whales and other sea mammals.

Environmentalists applied for the restraining order to cover a Pacific warfare exercise off Hawaii's coast.

The US Department of Defense had earlier exempted the navy from another law aimed at protecting sea mammals against the use of sonar equipment.

Government lawyers were reviewing the ruling, a naval spokesman said.

Some scientists believe the powerful sound waves emitted by underwater sonar equipment can harm sea mammals.

The navy is carrying out the anti-submarine warfare training exercise, known as Rim of the Pacific (Rimpac) 2006, this week.

It involves 40 ships and six submarines, and the navy was planning to use a high-powered military sonar.

Different laws

On Friday, the US Department of Defense for the first time gave the navy a six-month exemption from the Marine Mammal Protection Act, to allow the use of its sonar equipment.

But California district judge Florence-Marie Cooper based her order on the National Environmental Policy Act, after campaign group the Natural Resources Defense Council challenged the military exercise.

She wrote that the plaintiffs "have shown a possibility that Rimpac 2006 will kill, injure, and disturb many marine species, including marine mammals, in waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands".

She said the navy should have considered holding the exercise in a less densely populated marine habitat.

"Fortunately this country has more than one law against the needless infliction of harm to endangered whales and the environment," Joel Reynolds, lawyer for the National Resources Defense Council, was quoted as saying by Reuters news agency.

Judge Cooper's order is due to remain in effect until 18 July when the Navy will be allowed to argue against the injunction at a full court hearing.

Rimpac 2006 involves eight countries: Australia, Britain, Canada, Chile, Peru, Japan, South Korea and the United States.

Just another confirmation that boosting DOES work!
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